Learning & Development Needs Analysis


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Why conduct Learning & Development Needs Analysis?

  • the current performance of an organisation and the individuals in it, and
  • the desired performance of an organisation and the individuals in it

As a result, we need to assess:

  1. who needs training or learning?
  2. what training or learning they need
  3. how to design effective learning and training for those people
  4. the impact of the training we are planning
  5. the cost and resource budgets, to assess value for money


  • In-depth Research & Analysis
  • Relevant
  • Effective
  • On-going Relationship

Our Approach

  1. Strategic Objectives
    What is the organisational context and the ‘why’ behind any capabilities and learning?
  2. Operational Outcomes
    What do we need to be able to achieve, to meet our strategic objectives?
  3. Employee Behaviours
    What do people need to do, to generate the outcomes we want?
  4. Learnable Capabilities
    What are the capabilities that people need, so they will be able to do what we need them to do?
  5. Gap Assessment
    What are the current levels of capability, and what do we need to train, to get them to the desired level?
  6. Prioritise Learning and Training Needs
    Based on the gap assessment, what do we need people to learn?
  7. Learning Approaches
    How will we transmit the knowledge, and secure the learning, to ensure people gain the right levels of capability?
  8. Roll-out Plan
    How would we deliver the learning we have identified?
  9. Evaluation Criteria
    How will we evaluate the work we do to train and educate our people?
  10. Cost Benefit Analysis
    How much will our learning programme cost, and how does that compare with its projected benefits?

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